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VIP tour

VIP tour
Item #: VIPtour-01
2 people~:¥39,000/per person
3 people : ¥35,000/per person
4 people : ¥25,000/per person
5 people : ¥25,000/per person
6 people : ¥25,000/per person
7 people : ¥25,000/per person
8 people : ¥25,000/per person
9 people : ¥25,000/per person
10 people : ¥25,000/per person

Available option

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The VIP Tour takes place in a private room. Fees include your meal and an all-you-can-drink plan (alcoholic beverages included). The tour includes a maiko dance performance and ozashiki-asobi (games played with geisha), and you are free to take pictures as you please. A tour guide fluent in either English or Chinese will be provided for you. We recommend this tour for guests who cannot make time to participate in the Main Tour on Tuesdays

Date :
Guests may choose their preferred day for this tour.

Time :
An event length of two hours between the hours of 11:00 AM and 10:00 PM.

Location :
Yasaka-Dori Enraku

Fees :
Two Guests - ¥39,000/Guest
Three Guests - ¥35,000/Guest
4+ Guests - ¥25,000/Guest
* All fees listed here include tax.

Cancellation Policy :
Time of Reservation – 3 Days Before the Event: ¥30,000
2 Days Before the Event – Day of the Event: ¥30,000 + ¥5,000/Guest

Additional Information :
Please make your reservation at least three days before your desired date.